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State law requires companies to warn people about the risks of using their products. Further, companies must test their products for unreasonable safety risks. You may be entitled to recoup your losses when you are hurt because of a faulty or dangerous product.

A Palm Springs defective products lawyer could help you properly prepare a lawsuit against the company, prescribing physician, or other entity who may have caused your injuries. At our firm, we strive to build relationships with those we serve, understanding that our work often impacts individuals, families, and communities. Our experienced personal injury attorneys welcome the chance to get to know you and discover how we can best help you.

How Does Someone Prove Fault in a Products Liability Case?

Proving fault in a defective product case under California Civil Code § 1714.45 often involves establishing there is a flaw in the design of, manufacture of, or warnings accompanying the good. For example, a parent would have to show the company manufactured the children’s toy in a defective manner and that their child was injured while using the toy as expected.

Sometimes, the wrongdoing may also be rooted in a contract or warranty. An injured person would have to show the manufacturer did not do what they promised to do in an agreement. Likewise, a doctor may have made a mistake by not telling their patient about the risks of taking a medication, or a pharmacist may have put the wrong warning leaflet with the prescription.

A defective products lawyer in Palm Springs could help a person identify who is to blame for their injuries. We could prepare them for and advise them about what happens next.

Defective Products Case Time Limits

In most cases, California Code of Civil Procedure § 335 gives an injured person two years to file a claim because of a defective product. These cases may involve multiple types of claims, each with its own deadline. A person can file many suits at once but must file each one before the deadline expires.

For example, when part of the case involves professional negligence (such as a mistake by a dispensing pharmacist), a person may have between one to three years to file that part of the lawsuit. The time frame depends on when the victim is injured and when they discovered or could have found out about the injury. When a product liability case also involves a breach of contract or a warranty, that portion of the matter may have a four-year deadline.

Understanding how deadlines work and which ones apply in a particular case takes a great deal of skill and training. A Palm Springs lawyer who regularly handles defective product cases knows what to look for to determine the applicable filing periods. We can advise a person on what to file and when.

A Palm Springs Lawyer Can Help Those Injured by Defective Products

Defective products, like dangerous medications, faulty appliances, or hazardous children’s toys, can cause extensive harm without warning. When a faulty product hurts you, you do not have to suffer through this alone. A defective products lawyer could help you pave the path to justice for your injuries.

At our firm, we understand the immense impact a defective product can have on your life. We take a personalized approach to each case, helping you feel heard, valued, and seen by us. Contact a Palm Springs defective products lawyer on our team to discuss your legal options.

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