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When you are harmed in a bus crash, you deserve the chance to be heard in court and receive the legal damages you need to move forward. State law allows bus accident victims to recover compensation from the at-fault driver, even when the victim is partially to blame for the crash. You can take on the court case using your own time and resources, but it may be prudent to have a seasoned lawyer help you instead.

A Palm Springs bus accident lawyer could work with you. We typically begin by having an in-depth conversation to understand your priorities and get to know you and how the accident impacted your ability to function. Our experienced personal injury attorneys then develop a legal strategy to maximize your chance of winning your case.

Steps to Take After a Bus Accident

After a bus crash, a person should attend to their physical condition by notifying the police and seeking medical attention. They should exchange information with the drivers and others involved in the collision if possible. Documenting the scene and damage would also be wise, such as by taking photographs or videos.

The driver involved in a bus accident also need to report the accident to their insurance company and the Department of Motor Vehicles (using the SR-1 form). After an injured person meets their reporting obligations, it is time for them to set up their legal claim by calculating their damages, researching the law, or talking to an attorney.

A person usually benefits from talking to a lawyer before signing a settlement offer or cashing a check they receive from the insurance company. A Palm Springs attorney can help a person understand the terms of the proposal and whether it is a fair deal given the extent of the bus crash injuries. If necessary, we can steer negotiations or take the case to court to help maximize the financial award.

What Compensation Can Someone Receive After a Bus Crash?

California Code of Civil Procedure § 3281 allows those eligible to seek compensation from the at-fault driver for the damages they suffered in or because of the accident. For example, a person might expect to receive money for medical expenses, car repairs, and missing work to go to the doctor or rest. Unlike other states, California does not prevent victims from seeking compensation if they share responsibility for the crash.

California Code of Civil Procedure § 1714 impacts the amount of damages someone receives by subtracting the percentage of fault the judge or jury believes they share for the bus crash. For example, when a person is 14 percent at fault, they may only recover 86 percent of their total damages. For this reason, it is imperative people have a strong legal case to prove they carry limited liability for what happened.

A bus crash lawyer serving Palm Springs can help a person understand their rights and prepare reasoned arguments to support a legal claim for damages. We know what approaches bring favorable results. An attorney can help give an injured person direction during a tumultuous time.

A Bus Accident Lawyer in Palm Springs Could Help

Going through a bus accident can be a terrifying experience, but there may be hope on the horizon. By pursuing justice in court, you can begin to recoup your losses and rebuild what may be broken because of the collision. An attorney can guide and support you during the legal process so you feel understood and valued.

At our firm, we seek to lift the voices of the injured by providing exceptional, diligent, and professional legal services. We understand your pain and are here to alleviate your burden. Contact a Palm Springs bus accident lawyer to schedule a consultation.

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