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Even the most sure-footed people can end up falling and suffering a severe injury when someone does not make sure their property is reasonably safe for guests and tenants to move through. Unfortunately, knowing a landowner failed to meet their duty of care is one thing, and successfully holding them accountable for your injuries through civil litigation is another entirely.

When you want a fair chance of obtaining financial restitution after a slipping or tripping accident, consider contacting a personal injury attorney sooner rather than later. You have a limited time after being hurt on someone else’s land to take legal action against the landowner, and a capable Palm Springs slip and fall lawyer’s guidance could prove essential to achieving the best result possible.

Are Landowners Always Liable for Trip and Fall Accidents?

Property owners in California do not automatically hold civil liability for every injury that happens on their property. While there are various unique rules and restrictions for these premises liability cases, a slip and fall attorney in Palm Springs could explain in more detail that landowners have a duty to take reasonable precautions in order to ensure their land is safe for lawful visitors.

Typically, this means a landowner is only liable for a tripping accident when it was caused by a dangerous property condition that was not open and obvious, that the landowner already knew about, and that the landowner did not sufficiently address or warn the injured visitor about in advance. In some situations, landowners may be liable for hazards they did not know about but should have already discovered by inspecting their property regularly like a reasonable owner would.

A court can find Individual slip and fall victims partially liable for their accidents if they were irresponsible in some way—for example, by running when they should have been walking or wearing shoes with worn-down treads. In this scenario, a court could assign a share of comparative fault to that injured person and reduce the value of their final damage award in proportion to their percentage of total responsibility for the incident.

Recovering for All Available Damages

Both economic and non-economic forms of harm can be factored into a successful civil claim over a slip and fall on someone else’s land, including:

  • All medical expenses for accident-related injuries
  • Lost ability to work or lost work earnings due to injuries
  • Personal property loss or damage
  • Emotional anguish and psychological distress
  • Physical pain and discomfort
  • Lost overall quality of life

The exact value of a specific trip and fall claim will vary depending on the particular injuries the plaintiff suffered, how dramatically those injuries will affect their personal and professional life, and how long those effects are expected to persist. A seasoned lawyer could go into further detail about potentially compensable losses after a slip and fall in Palm Springs during a private initial meeting.

Contact a Palm Springs Slip and Fall Attorney for Help

Accidentally falling and getting hurt because someone else did not keep their land in good condition can be immensely frustrating and potentially life-altering. After an accident like this, retaining practiced legal counsel and proactively pursuing civil recovery could be essential not just to protecting your financial security in the short term, but also to maximizing your enjoyment of life and overall well-being for decades to come.

A Palm Springs slip and fall lawyer is available to represent you throughout your legal proceedings. Call today for a consultation.

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