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Boating is a favorite pastime for many Banning residents. While a day on the water can be relaxing, there are also serious risks to be aware of. No amount of safety precautions can undo the risk of injury resulting from another person’s negligence.

When you are hurt in a boat crash through no fault of your own, you might have a viable case for compensation. With the help of a dedicated injury attorney, securing a fair monetary award could be possible. It could be in your best interest to discuss your legal options with a Banning boat accident lawyer.

Types of Boat Accidents

There are many reasons why boat accidents happen. Often, these accidents occur as the result of human error. There are also circumstances that can lead to a crash even when the boat operators are careful. An injury lawsuit is only viable when there is evidence of negligence. A boat crash attorney in Banning could pursue an injury lawsuit against the negligent party.

Anyone considering legal action could benefit from understanding the types of boat accidents that are often involved in these cases. Some examples include the following:

Collisions With Other Boats

Some of the most catastrophic accidents involve collisions between two or more boats. Usually, these incidents occur as the result of operator error. Anything from the lack of training to impairment could lead an individual to crash their boat into another vessel.

Collisions With Fixed Objects

Many injuries occur when a boat strikes a fixed object. This could include colliding with something just below the water, like a submerged tree or rock. Devastating injuries can also stem from a collision with a dock or even dry land.

Other Accidents

Not every accident on the water involves a collision. Some of the most dangerous incidents involve a boat sinking due to a fire or mechanical defect. These vessels could also capsize for a variety of reasons, including severe weather or untrained operators.

Deadlines That Apply to Boat Accident Injury Claims

The legal system provides injury victims with an opportunity to pursue a personal injury lawsuit following a boat accident. However, there is a limit on the amount of time a plaintiff has to file legal action against the party that caused the crash. A boat collision lawyer in Banning could ensure compliance with this important deadline, which is known as the statute of limitations.

The statute of limitations applies to all injury lawsuits. Under the law, a plaintiff generally has two years from the date their injury occurred to file their case with the court. Missing this deadline could result in a dismissal with prejudice.

Having a case dismissed with prejudice is a worst-case scenario. Not only is the case dismissed by the court, but the opportunity to file it again is gone for good. There could be exceptions that provide additional time to file these cases, but it is crucial to speak with an attorney instead of assuming an exception applies.

Reach Out to a Boat Accident Attorney in Banning

When you have been hurt in a boat crash, you deserve legal counsel that will fight for you. The process of pursuing justice can be challenging, especially when you are on your own. Let a Banning boat accident lawyer guide you through the litigation process. Call today for a private consultation.

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