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During your busy day, you do not think about sustaining injuries while shopping or visiting friends. But it happens every day. You may trip in an unlit stairwell or fall over a child’s toy. You might slip on icy pavement in a commercial parking lot. You may have recourse because property owners, managers, or landlords did not act responsibly to ensure your safety on their premises.

When you are injured on someone else’s property, a Banning slip and fall lawyer could investigate the circumstances and determine whether you have a personal injury claim for damages that will compensate you for your injuries and property loss.

What is a Slip and Fall?

Slip and fall accidents occur anywhere, but to help avoid them happening, property owners, managers, and landlords should maintain or warn visitors to their property about tripping dangers. Some common fall accidents are caused by:

  • Items dropped and left on floors
  • Uneven floors
  • Slick wet or icy surfaces
  • Poorly lit parking lots and walkways
  • Holes in sidewalks, yards, and parking lots

Any situation that causes a person to become unstable and fall should be investigated for cause and fault by a tripping accident attorney in Banning. When an injured person has a case, the court could award compensation to make up for the harm suffered.

Responsibility for a Slip and Fall Accident

Slip and fall accidents are litigated as civil actions when someone causes harm to another because of recklessness or carelessness. A legal representative brings this against those who have a duty to make the premises they oversee safe for others and breach that duty. The acts they commit or omit must cause an accident that is the direct cause of the harm to someone else.

For instance, when a supermarket employee fails to clean up an olive oil spill and three hours later a customer slips and falls, the store, because of the employee’s omission, will probably be accountable for any injuries. Customers in the same store who hear the commotion around the injured party and trip over their feet while running to see the problem can probably not claim the supermarket employee’s negligence caused their accident. A Banning lawyer is familiar with slip and fall accidents and can help determine whether negligence caused one.

Evidence in a Trip and Fall Claim

After a slip and fall, an attorney in Banning will work as an advocate to get a person the compensation deserved when someone else is negligent. One crucial task involves gathering evidence.

Evidence can include police reports, medical assessments, witness statements, surveillance footage from in-store or parking lot cameras, and the injured person’s account of the accident. An attorney’s review could uncover proof that a hazard existed, but no warnings were posted and provide information to explain anything unfavorable.

The complaint a legal representative drafts tells the court what led up to the accident and how the defendant is responsible. It also asks for compensation the attorney determined is reasonable.

Negotiations Before a Slip and Fall Trial

A slip and fall lawyer in Banning will negotiate for a fair settlement with the defendant’s insurance carrier or attorney, who may review the evidence and decide it would not be beneficial for the defendant to go to trial. When the insurance settlement is not enough and the defendant’s attorney does not negotiate, the case will be set for trial.

At trial, the attorneys present evidence, and a jury decides if the defendant is liable, after which a monetary award is made. People who slip and fall because someone else was negligent should contact a lawyer who will fight for justice and a fair settlement.

A Banning Slip and Fall Attorney Looks Out for a Claim

Slipping and falling on someone’s property can cause incapacitating injuries that wreak havoc with your work and personal life. When you are injured after a property owner or manager did not correct a problem or warn of its danger, you may be entitled to compensation.

A Banning slip and fall lawyer understands your situation and will fight for the reimbursement you deserve. Call now to schedule an initial consultation.

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