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Dog attacks can be a traumatic experience on many levels. The physical injuries associated with these attacks are painful, but that is often only a small part of the harm that occurs. Bites can result in severe scarring and lead to an increased risk of infection in the future. This says nothing of the emotional impact these attacks can have.

When you are bitten by a dog, you could have a case for compensation against the owner. By relying on a Banning dog bite lawyer, you could pursue a lawsuit that covers your financial, emotional, and physical losses stemming from the attack. Let a skilled personal injury attorney serve as your advocate as you navigate the court system.

When is the Owner Liable?

Every state has its own approach to owner liability when it comes to dog bite injuries. In California, these owners are held to something known as the strict liability standard. Under this standard, it is possible to prevail in a lawsuit without proving that the dog owner acted negligently.

The facts surrounding dog attacks are often unclear. By removing the need to show the owner acted with negligence, the chances of a plaintiff recovering fair compensation increase.

That does not mean that every attack will result in a viable case for compensation. There are defenses that a dog owner could rely on in these cases. A person may not recover a monetary award for a bite that occurs in a place where they were not lawfully present. This means the owner is not obligated to compensate an injured trespasser.

There are additional exceptions to consider. For example, police and military dogs are generally exempt from these lawsuits. A person also may not recover damages for their injuries if they provoked the animal prior to the attack.

What Damages Are Available?

A person with a viable injury claim could recover different types of compensation. With the help of a dog bite lawyer in Banning, they could secure the following damages:

Medical Bills

Many people seek compensation for the cost of medical care following a dog bite. These injuries often require emergency medical care, but it is the ongoing treatment that can be especially costly. This is especially true when infections set in. A successful lawsuit could provide an injured person with the resources needed to pay for these costs.

Scarring and Disfigurement

Dog bites are known to result in severe scarring or disfigurement. This is especially traumatic for injuries involving a person’s face. The emotional toll scarring can take often trumps its physical effects. A lawsuit could provide compensation for this emotional trauma.

Pain and Suffering

Injuries related to these attacks are often painful. While any deep laceration has the potential to cause severe pain, the nature of a dog bite can also result in chronic issues. This is most common in cases where a dog’s fang pierces the hand and damages nerve endings below the skin. The damage to these nerve endings can result in lasting, chronic pain.

Let a Banning Dog Bite Attorney Guide You

When you have been bitten by a dog, the owner could be responsible for your physical, emotional, and physical damages. Holding that person accountable can be challenging, but the right attorney could give you the best chance at success. You have the right to pursue justice for your injuries. Call a Banning dog bite lawyer today to learn more.

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