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Motorcycle accidents can inflict terrible and long-lasting physical injuries. These wrecks frequently occur when a careless or reckless driver fails to operate their vehicle with reasonable care and causes a collision with a motorcyclist.

When you believe this describes a crash you or a loved one were involved in, you may need experienced legal assistance. A Banning motorcycle accident lawyer could dive into the facts and circumstances of the collision. Our personal injury attorneys could investigate what individual or entity may be liable for your injuries and advise whether you could be entitled to compensation.

Motorcycle Collision Causes and Injuries

Motorcycle crashes can be among the most devastating and deadly of roadway crashes. One of the reasons for this is that even when wearing a helmet and protective clothing, as well as following the applicable rules of the road, a motorcyclist has minimal barrier from severe injury should they collide with a regular-sized vehicle of any kind. Injuries can range from loss of a limb to broken bones to paralysis to brain damage and even death.

Multiple factors affect the severity of a motorcycle collision, including the number of vehicles involved, the speed and angle at which they were traveling, and other environmental elements present at the time of the accident, such as roadway or weather conditions. The catalysts, and therefore potential sources of liability associated with a motorcycle collision, can be extensive.

Reckless, careless, or aggressive drivers cause many motorcycle crashes. Speeding, distracted driving, and unsafe turns or lane changes are regularly cited causes of motorcycle wrecks. A driver operating their vehicle drunk, drugged, or impaired by any substance is also often involved in many motorcycle collisions.

Sometimes, a mechanical issue with the motorcycle or the other vehicle involved in the accident is the cause. A Banning attorney could work tirelessly to hold anyone involved in the motorcycle crash, whether a dangerous driver, a negligent company, or otherwise, legally responsible.

Deadline to File a Motorcycle Crash Claim

A Banning attorney can be invaluable for constructing a detailed motorcycle collision claim for monetary damages and handling all aspects of the case from start to finish. However, in order to recover compensation for past and future medical bills, lost wages, pain, suffering, and others, a person must file a timely claim.

The statute of limitations for most motorcycle crash injury claims is only two years. That two-year period generally starts on the date of the accident. However, when the motorcyclist passes away as a result of their injuries, the law typically affords their family members two years from the date of death to initiate a wrongful death claim for damages.

Speak with a Banning Motorcycle Accident Attorney About a Claim

Even when the events of a recent motorcycle accident appear to be clear-cut, filing and achieving a successful end result to these claims is rarely a simple matter. Insurance companies will often try to pin some or all of the legal blame for the motorcycle accident on you, and this can compound the struggles you are grappling with when you are already trying to cope with the ramifications of severe injuries.

A Banning motorcycle accident lawyer could offer you peace of mind with the knowledge that you have a skilled legal advocate on your side. Our attorneys could launch their own investigation into the collision, speak with witnesses, compile evidence, and build a compelling claim for damages on your behalf. Call now to speak with an attorney who could advise what may be possible for your specific motorcycle crash claim.

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