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Banning is home to countless large, well-known hospitals and medical facilities. The treatment offered at these facilities is often some of the best in the world. However, even highly trained doctors and surgeons make mistakes. When these errors occur, they could alter your life forever.

A consultation with a practiced personal injury attorney could inform you of the strength of your claim. While the consequences of your medical injuries could be compelling, the process of recovering monetary damages on these claims is never easy. A Banning medical malpractice lawyer can not only advise you on your claim but assist you in pursuing your case as well.

Common Medical Malpractice Claims

A medical professional can make mistakes in countless ways during the course of treating a patient. Some errors are minor and easily corrected, while others can have fatal complications. While there is no simple way for a Banning attorney to identify every type of claim, malpractice claims fall into five broad categories.

Surgical Errors

Surgical errors are devastating for many reasons. Patients undergoing surgery are inherently vulnerable. In that situation, the injuries can be significant. Surgical errors can involve a doctor damaging healthy tissue accidentally or even operating on the wrong body part.

Birth Injuries

The risks associated with medical treatment during childbirth are unique, as they can affect both the mother and the baby. While many medical errors related to birth occur during labor or delivery, some mistakes made earlier in the pregnancy can have significant ramifications when the child is born.


Misdiagnosis is one of the most basic types of malpractice. This type of misconduct occurs when a medical professional diagnoses the wrong condition or fails to identify any medical issue.

Delayed Diagnosis

In some cases, a delay in diagnosing an injury or illness can be just as devastating as misdiagnosing it entirely. Certain illnesses require immediate medical attention. The failure to diagnose a disease in a timely manner can cause serious consequences.

Failure to Treat

Doctors can also make errors after an appropriate diagnosis. Malpractice can occur if the doctor fails to initiate the proper treatment following diagnosis. This type of malpractice can also occur when nurses or administrative staff fail to communicate these orders.

Typical Defendants in a Malpractice Lawsuit

For many people, the thought of a medical malpractice claim brings to mind errors made by a doctor. While doctors and surgeons are often responsible for some of the most devastating malpractice claims, other people or entities could also face liability.

Nurses are another common cause of medical injuries. While doctors are ultimately responsible for their care, nurses who make serious mistakes could also face liability.

Finally, hospitals and other medical facilities are also common targets in malpractice lawsuits. Not only are these entities responsible for the negligence of their employees in many cases, but they could also face liability for poor record-keeping or negligent hiring practices. A lawyer in Banning could determine the person or entity responsible for the medical misconduct.

Speak with a Banning Medical Malpractice Attorney Right Away

When you suffer injuries due to an avoidable medical mistake, you are entitled to seek financial compensation. While holding doctors or hospitals accountable for their errors is challenging, it is not one you have to take on alone.

Hiring a skilled attorney is crucial, as they must be well-versed in both legal and medical knowledge. To ensure your claim receives the attention it needs, contact a Banning medical malpractice lawyer today.

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