Cameras for Justice – And for Our Clients
Cameras for Justice – And for Our Clients

In 1991, George Holliday stepped out of his house on Lake View Terrace and used his home video camera to record an incident.

Mr. Holliday handed the video over to KTLA, which displayed on television a scene very different than what the police had reported. The Rodney King case was an example of how video has changed the world. It was a story told in a way that could not be ignored. Since King, anyone with a cell phone can be a journalist. The electronic revolution has made it cost-effective and possible to surveil much easier.

In 2013, the Boston Marathon bombers were caught by a surveillance camera atop the Lord & Taylor Building. As usual, the culprit was unaware.

Surveillance Cameras Help Solve Our Case

On November 6, 2015, at the intersection of SR-22 and Highway 86, near Brawley, California, our client was driving home from work and was t-boned so hard, he was knocked unconscious and suffered multiple fractures.

Of course, the only one able to give a statement to the police at the scene was the other driver who, predictably, said she had the green light. Then the other driver testified, under oath, that she had the right of way, and her insurance company, of course, denied the claim.

But when WCLG attorney Jessica Albert secured the video surveillance from the AM/PM on the corner of the intersection where the collision occurred, truth came to light.

Clearly, in the background of the video, the defendant was visible driving right through the red light and crashing into our client.

The defendant paid the $750,000 policy limit in compensation to our client, the victim, who may have been denied a recovery, but for a camera doing justice.

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