Is your Child at Risk of Injury at Summer Camp?

With the season in full swing, many children are spending time at summer camp. Camps are a great way for parents to ensure their children are cared for while they are out of school, and they offer a variety of activities to keep kids busy. However, certain summer camp activities can be dangerous and cause injuries.

What are Common Summer Camp Injuries?

Your children are actually more likely to suffer from certain illnesses at summer camp than injuries. Such illnesses include sunburns, gastroenteritis and contagious diseases. In fact, children are twice as likely to become sick at camp than suffer injuries.

Although it is not always the case, these illnesses can sometimes be caused by negligence. For instance, leaving certain foods out in the hot sun can cause bacteria to develop, leading to illness in children who consume them. Camps might also ignore a contagious disease that is going around the camp, fail to notify parents, or otherwise fail to prevent the spread of disease. Such negligence might be grounds for holding the camp liable if your child develops a debilitating illness.

Other injuries that often occur at summer camps include tripping injuries; back, head, neck and spine injuries; and pool-related injuries. These injuries can occur for a variety of reasons. Failure to maintain safe premises might lead to a child falling and suffering broken bones or severe cuts and bruises. Failure to ensure children are wearing appropriate safety gear while engaging in certain activities can lead to debilitating injuries. Lack of supervision at a summer camp can also have devastating consequences.

Do your Part to Prevent Summer Camp Injuries

No parent can totally prevent injuries for their children at summer camp. Certain activities, like swimming and playing sports, come with an inherent risk of injury. Furthermore, camps will most likely have you sign a waiver allowing your children to participate in these activities while agreeing not to hold the camp liable for resulting injuries. However, that does not mean you have no control over your child’s safety, or recourse if your child is severely injured due to negligence.

To ensure your child’s safety at camp, make sure you thoroughly check out the camp before sending your child. If you are uncomfortable with the camp’s activities or methods of hiring child care providers, choose a place you are more comfortable with. Additionally, be sure to plan ahead for your child’s activities. Put sunscreen on your child before he goes off to camp, dress him appropriately for the day’s activities, and provide any safety gear he might need.

If your child is injured, do not assume the camp is not liable just because you signed a waiver. Depending on the nature of the injury and the environment, the camp might be guilty of gross negligence. If you think your child has been injured due to negligence, contact an experienced personal injury attorney to examine your case.

“Every parent wants to ensure a safe environment for their child. Unfortunately, not every summer camp is up to safety standards, and children can suffer as a result,” said Attorney Walter Clark, founder of Walter Clark Legal Group.

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