Contigo Water Bottle Recall in the Millions

For many parents, the idea that a product designed for their children may ultimately cause them bodily harm can be horrifying. Unfortunately, this nightmare became a reality recently when Contigo, the popular water bottle manufacturer, announced a recall for their line of Kids Cleanable Water Bottles.

According to representatives from Contigo, the silicon spout incorporated into the water bottle can detach and psoe a severe choking risk for young children. In fact, over 100 complaints have already been filed by parents. According to recent reports, 18 of these complaints involved parents finding the detachable spout inside of their child’s mouth. As could probably be imagined, this scenario could have proven to be disastrous for all parties involved.

The extent of this particular recall is significant. Contigo’s Kids Cleanable Water Bottles were sold through major international retailers, including Costco, Walmart and Target, among others. At the time the recall was announced, it is estimated that over 5.7 million bottles have already been sold.

Action Steps For Parents

After announcing the recall, representatives from Contigo stated that parents should immediately take these bottles away from their children due to the risk they pose. That being said, Contigo has also pointed out that only specific models of their products are included in the recall. Currently, the only Cleanable Water Bottles affected by the recall include products with the black color spout base and the covered spout model. If parents discover that they are using a different Contigo product, it has not been identified as a risk.

For those who have purchased one of the recalled models, Contigo is offering to distribute a new replacement lid for absolutely no charge. This lid will effectively eliminate the risk posed by the previous design issues.

It should also be noted that the recall is currently listed as “voluntary” due to what the company describes as a very low incident rate. That being said, any parents who does own this product has the right to request the replacement lid as they see fit. Ultimately, the “better safe than sorry” approach is likely one that many parents will take who find themselves in this difficult situation.

For those who have any questions about these products, the best possible way to resolve them is to contact the company directly. Given the extent of the problem, Contigo has taken the necessary steps to facilitate active discussion with consumer as needed.

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