The Impact of Vaping: What You Need to Know

When vaping was first introduced to consumers across the country, it was promoted as a safer alternative to smoking which would help minimize the harmful impact of cigarettes. Now, as a growing number of vaping enthusiasts are being diagnosed with lung diseases, the scientific community is re-evaluating these products in order to better understand what, if any, unintended health consequences they may carry.

The Methodology Behind Vaping

The concept of vaping is relatively straightforward. Unlike a cigarette, which products harmful tobacco smoke, a “vape” relies on a more sophisticated aerosol mechanism to transmit tobacco to the user. Inside of the vaping device is a liquid solution commonly composed of nicotine, various flavorings and either a propylene glycol or vegetable glycerin. This liquid is converted into a vapor through the use of an in-device heating component. Although this vapor resembles water vapor, the truth is that a number of fine particulates are found inside of it, many of which have been linked to toxic chemicals and respiratory illness.

Youth and Vaping

Perhaps the most dangerous impact of vaping so far is its popularity among teenagers. The stylish product design of many vapes, as well as the misguided notion that these products are entirely “safe” to use, has led to an explosion in vaping use among teens. According to recent statistics, approximately 37% of high school seniors polled responded that they had experimented with vaping. These statistics, compiled at the close of 2018, represented a 9% increase in the number of high school seniors who were vaping compared to 2017.

Changing Opinions on Vaping

The speed at which vaping swept across the country indicates the level of enthusiasm many people had for a “safe” alternative to smoking. Additionally, the relative ease with which these devices could also be modified led many users to experiment with a variety of new additives, including THC. For those who are unfamiliar, THC is the active component found inside of cannabis which is responsible for creating the “high” feeling that often draws users to marijuana. THC should not be confused with CBD, which is now considered a popular holistic remedy for anxiety, inflammation, and a variety of other medical issues.

In many of the early cases of lung disease related to vaping, THC was a common linking factor. However, there remains no definitive data linking THC vaping to the medical issues that are now being experienced by vape users.

Although there is no definitive “answer” when it comes to questions related to the health impacts of vaping, individuals should be fully aware that these products still contain carcinogens and have been a shared factor in countless lung disease cases across the country today.

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