Pressure Cooker Company Agrees to $26 M Settlement for Young Burn Victim

A settlement has been reached in the case of a young girl who was severely burned by a pressure cooker. The child’s family agreed to a $26 million settlement, which will assist the family with medical treatment and other assistance needed as a result of her injuries.

The victim was 2 years old at the time the injury occurred. According to the lawsuit, the 8-quart pressure cooker had a faulty lock system, which allowed the lid to be opened while the device was operating. The child suffered serious burns, which had to be treated in the hospital. She then developed sepsis while in the hospital, which resulted in needing multiple amputations.

Filing Suit For Compensation

The victim’s parents filed a lawsuit against the distributor of the pressure cooker, Lifetime Brands Inc. According to the lawsuit, the company imported the pressure cooker from China, marketing it under the brand Vasconia. The plaintiff alleged the device was not reviewed for safety. Moreover, Lifetime Brands allegedly asked the manufacturer to increase the device’s capacity to 8 quarts, which affected the locking mechanism.

“This family’s life is forever changed because of the harm done by the defective product. Thankfully, they will have the settlement compensation to help them with future expenses,” said Attorney Walter Clark, founder of Walter Clark Legal Group.

Defective Product Attorneys in the Coachella Valley

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