Software Issue Leads to Mercedes Benz Recall

Internationally renowned car manufacturer Mercedes Benz has issued a new recall following revelations that a software glitch inside of over 1.29 million vehicles can cause inaccurate location reporting following a crash.

According to the company, vehicles included as part of the A-class through S-class model lineup may experience a temporary functionality issue in the power supply for communication module during a collision. Because of this, it is possible that the vehicle will inaccurately report its location following the accident in question. Although the automatic and manual emergency call functions in these vehicles remain functional, serious problems could arise in situations where a driver and / or passengers is incapacitated and are unable to engage in one of these calls.

Finding More Information

All vehicles included in the recall were manufactured between 2016 and present.  The recall is voluntary, and drivers who owned impacted vehicles will start being notified on February 12th, 2021. Those who wish to learn more about the recall and determine whether or not they are affected can also review the official notification from the car manufacturer found here.

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