New Laws Are Changing the Face of Pet Adoption
New Laws Are Changing the Face of Pet Adoption

Rescuing a dog from a local animal shelter is one of the most noble things an animal lover can do. More and more stray animals find their way to shelters on a daily basis, maxing out the capacity of local rescue organizations to properly care for these animals over both the long and short term.

Although finding your next furry friend at a local shelter can help the save the life of an animal and bring you a “forever” friend, many pet experts are also quick to point out that you should always be extra careful when first socializing them around other dogs. This is primarily due to the fact that you do not know the full “history” of the dog when it comes to critical issues like bites, and other forms of violence.

Following a series of vicious attacks by animals that had been rescued from the LA Animal Services Shelters, the California legislature has acted quickly to propose and fully implement new laws that will provide more information to individuals adopting pets.

Understanding AB588

According to the text of AB588, animal services employees will be required to provide future owners with a complete “bite” history of the dog in question to the extent that it is known. For example, if a rescued dog has bitten an employee of the shelter at any point, this information will be disclosed to the potential owner.

While some argue that this information may cause some animals to be forever rejected by future owners, advocates of the law claim that this will allow future owners to better prepare friends and family for the animal and help prevent a serious tragedy from occurring. Once the individual has been informed of the bite history of the dog, they will be required to sign an official document acknowledging that this information has been given to them.

Hopefully, this approach will reduce the number of terrible accidents which not only result in critical injuries to humans but, as is often the case, euthanasia for the pet in question.

What to Do When You Decide to Rescue a Pet

If you have located a dog or other animal in a shelter and are ready to adopt it, your first step should be to determine whether or the pet’s behavior poses a threat to any people or animals in your home currently. It is obviously very easy to think about other pets you may currently own, as well as small children, but you should also take a moment to determine whether or not you will be able to successfully control the animal in the event that it turns aggressive towards another animal or person. Without this type of careful deliberation, you may find yourself in a precarious situation in the future

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