Black Ice Causes Crashes Throughout High Desert
Black Ice Causes Crashes Throughout High Desert

Black ice is to blame for more than a dozen car accidents throughout Victor Valley last Tuesday. Last Monday night’s rainfall turned to ice as temperatures dipped below freezing overnight, creating hazardous road conditions for High Desert motorists.

About half of the accidents reported were single-vehicle rollover crashes. Fortunately, most of the crashes resulted in only minor injuries. However, one driver had to be airlifted to the hospital after he crashed into a utility pole near the intersection of Mariposa Road and Cedar Street around 7 a.m.

Avoiding a Black Ice Crash

The best way to avoid a crash when there is black ice on the roads is to simply stay off the roadways. Because it blends in so well with the pavement, it is hard to even tell when black ice is there—which is part of what makes it so dangerous.

If you must drive during icy conditions, take extreme caution. Follow these 7 tips for for driving when black ice is on the road:

  1. Be aware of the times and locations where black ice is most likely to be on the roads. Black ice usually forms at night when temperatures dip the lowest. It is often present in the morning before the sun has a chance to warm the pavement. It is also more likely to form on bridges and on the roads that do not get hit by sunlight, like those under overpasses.
  2. Allow extra space between your vehicle and the one in front of you.
  3. Drive with your headlights on to help you better see the sheen from black ice.
  4. If you encounter black ice, slow down by taking your foot off the gas. Allow your vehicle to pass over the ice and avoid steering against it. If you have the ability to shift gears manually, shift into a lower gear for better control.
  5. Do not hit the brakes while you are on ice. This will just cause you to skid.
  6. If you do skid, don’t panic. Continue to steer your vehicle in the direction you are trying to go. Try to steer into something that won’t cause much damage, like a snowbank or empty field.
  7. If you continue to encounter dangerous scenarios, consider stopping somewhere to wait out the weather.

“Avoid driving during these hazardous road conditions if at all possible. If you must be on the road when there is a risk for black ice, be sure to use extreme caution,” said Attorney Walter Clark, founder of Walter Clark Legal Group.

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