Understanding the Johnson & Johnson Talcum Powder Verdicts
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Everybody wants to know why these giant verdicts are coming out of the Johnson & Johnson Talcum powder cases. The latest verdict in July was for $4.69 billion, which was awarded to 22 women who had used talcum powder and then ended up with cancer.

What’s interesting about this award is that $4.1 million of it was punitive damages. You may be wonder what the significance of that is. Well, there are compensatory damages—which are intended to make up for the harm that was caused—and then there are punitive damages, which are meant to curb the bad behavior. Punitive damages are usually awarded when a company or person has intentionally done something wrong, or has done something that is so egregious that they should be punished as an example.

Comparing Talcum Powder Lawsuits to Other Consumer Rights Cases

Consider the lawsuits against Ford over exploding Pinto gas tanks. They knew of the danger, and when that was discovered there was a large punitive damage award. We saw the same thing with Goodyear Tires and many other companies. In these instances, the company has often been found to be suppressing information about the dangers, so they can continue to make profits. It’s unconscionable, and now we are experiencing it with these talc cases.

Johnson & Johnson Suppresses Information

Johnson & Johnson knew about the potential dangers of talc back in the 1960s. In 1982, it was established they knew about studies showing a link between cancer and exposure to talc. Then they found there was an associative factor of asbestos, because the two minerals are mined together. They knew of these dangers, and they suppressed the information. There was absolutely no warning to consumers.

Johnson & Johnson has a recent history of doing this not just with talcum powder cases, but with all kinds of drugs and other devices that they manufacture. Take Xarelto for an example. This drug caused bleeding in patients, but the company didn’t bother to tell people that if they had bleeding, it was irreversible and could kill them. The company knew about the dangers of this and other products, and they didn’t warn the public.

FDA Approval of Products

Another point to note: people believe the FDA protects us by testing products. In reality, they don’t test anything. The FDA relies entirely on the information that is submitted by the company wanting to market the product. What studies do these companies submit? Just as you would guess, it’s only the ones that suggest the product is safe.

The trial lawyers are the only ones who are holding these companies accountable—the government doesn’t. When companies put profits over people, it’s important to see that they’re held accountable. Without what we call the civil police—the trial lawyers—the public would be at great risk.

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Attorney Walter Clark Discusses the Johnson & Johnson Verdict
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