4 Risk Factors for Drowsy Driving Accidents
4 Risk Factors for Drowsy Driving Accidents

Most of us have likely nodded off for a few seconds while driving at some point. It’s a scary experience, and one we should not take lightly. Driving while fatigued is a dangerous activity. In fact, studies have shown that drowsy driving is comparable to driving under the influence.

There are several factors that can increase your risk of a drowsy driving accident. Here are 4 risk factors for drowsy driving accidents:

  1. Sleep deprivation. This first factor probably seems like a little obvious, but it might come as a surprise to know that it doesn’t take much missed sleep to affect your driving ability. According to the AAA Foundation of Traffic Safety, missing just one or two hours of the healthy amount of sleep can nearly double your risk of crashing. Adults need about seven hours of sleep a night.
  2. Age. Younger drivers are more at risk for drowsy driving—particularly teens. Males between the ages of 16 and 25 years are the most at risk for driving while sleep deprived. According to the National Sleep Foundation, only 20% of teenagers get the recommended 9 hours of sleep on school nights.
  3. Sleep disorders. More than 70 million Americans suffer from a sleep disorder of some kind. If you suspect you might have a sleep disorder, such as sleep apnea, insomnia or narcolepsy, seek treatment as soon as possible. Symptoms to watch for include nodding off during the day—especially during normal, everyday activities—irregular breathing or increased movement during sleep, and difficulty falling asleep.
  4. Driving at irregular times. Driving early in the morning or late at night can be a factor in drowsy driving accidents. In fact, most drowsy driving crashes occur between midnight and 8 a.m. Try to avoid driving when you would normally be sleeping in order to mitigate this risk.

“By getting a healthy amount of sleep each night and seeking treatment for possible sleeping disorders, drivers can greatly reduce their risk of getting into a drowsy driving accident,” said Attorney Walter Clark, founder of Walter CLark Legal Group.

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