5 Tips to Avoid Common Thanksgiving Injures
5 Tips to Avoid Common Thanksgiving Injures

Thanksgiving signals the beginning of the holiday season for many—a time to bring family and friends together, celebrate and share delicious food. Unfortunately, this time of year is also one where many of us are particularly prone to injury. From travel dangers to kitchen mishaps, there are several holiday-related hazards you’ll want to avoid this season.

Here are 5 common Thanksgiving injuries and how to avoid them:

  1. Car accidents. Unfortunately, the increased traffic volume during the holiday makes for a more dangerous drive. If you can, avoid peak traffic times. When you are on the road, make sure you are following the speed limit, keeping your focus on the road and eliminating distractions. The Red Cross also recommends leaving your headlights on, even if it is still light out, and maintaining a safe following distance at all times. And of course, never drive under the influence.
  2. Fires. The heavy use of kitchen appliances during the holidays contributes to an increase in house fires. Distractions abound during Thanksgiving, but if you are cooking, make sure someone is keeping an eye on the food at all times. Also avoid wearing baggy clothing while you cook, and keep a fire extinguisher nearby. If you are going to fry your turkey, do it outside and away from anything flammable. Never do it in the garage or on a porch or balcony.
  3. Cuts and burns. EMS World reports that burns are some of the most common injuries hospitals treat during Thanksgiving weekend. To avoid burns, keep all the handles on your stovetop cookware turned inward instead of facing out. Wear long sleeves, pants and shoes while you are near the stove. To avoid cuts, use a very sharp knife to cut your turkey and other food—dull blades are more difficult to control and are more likely to cause injuries. Always slice food away from your body and use non-stick pads under your cutting boards to keep them stable.
  4. Food poisoning. Don’t take a chance with your health when you are checking to see if the turkey is done. Check the turkey with a food thermometer in three spots. The turkey should be cooked to at least 165 degrees Fahrenheit. Also make sure you are washing your hands regularly when you are cooking, and keep raw meat away from other ingredients.
  5. Lifting Injuries. Because many of us travel during this holiday, injuries related to lifting and transporting luggage are common. In fact, the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) reports that there were 75,543 luggage-related injuries in 2013. To avoid strains and other back, neck and shoulder injuries, handle your luggage with care. Avoid using any luggage that is difficult to transport. Opting for luggage with wheels is usually best. Avoid rushing to lift your luggage into overhead compartments. When lifting your luggage, do so carefully, using your legs to do the bulk of the lifting.  

Thanksgiving should be a time of celebration and relaxation. However, rushing through things and cutting corners can be dangerous. Make sure you are exercising caution during your holiday preparations so you do not suffer any unnecessary injuries.

“We hope everyone has a happy and safe Thanksgiving this year,” said Attorney Walter Clark, founder of Walter Clark Legal Group.

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