5 Ways to Avoid a Lane Change Accident
5 Ways to Avoid a Lane Change Accident

At one time or another, most have us have dealt with a driver who executed an unexpected lane change. Whether they failed to use their turn signal or simply butted their way into your lane at the last second, the experience was at best frustrating, and at worst extremely dangerous. Improper lane changes are a frequent cause of accidents. They often also incite road rage incidents—another serious problem on our roadways. When a driver makes an unexpected lane change, it catches other drivers off guard, which can easily cause an accident.

Here are 5 things you can do to avoid a lane change accident:

  1. Keep a safe following distance at all times. The National Safety Council recommends leaving at least a three second stopping distance between you and the car ahead of you.
  2. Be aware of potential lane changes where they commonly occur. These are usually areas where intersections and exits are coming up. Allow yourself plenty of room in case the drivers around you try to change lanes at the last second.
  3. Avoid driving in the way of merging traffic. If possible, mover over a lane once you enter a highway so you don’t have to worry about cars merging onto the highway.
  4. If you notice someone trying to enter your lane too close to you, signal with your horn. Hopefully this will deter the driver from making the lane change. If it does not, slow down and allow them to get over. It’s much safer to defer to the other driver, even if they are in the wrong, in order to avoid an accident.
  5. Make sure you are practicing safe lane change habits. Always use your signal and check your rear-view mirrors blind spots before attempting a lane change.

“Driving defensively and keeping your full attention on the road can help you avoid many dangerous scenarios behind the wheel,” said Attorney Walter Clark, founder of Walter Clark Legal Group.

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