Is Answering Your Ringing Phone While Driving More Dangerous than Texting?
Is Answering Your Ringing Phone While Driving More Dangerous than Texting?

You know that using your mobile device while driving is dangerous, but did you know that locating and reaching for a ringing phone might actually be even more dangerous? Research by the Queensland University of Technology (QUT) shows that many drivers do not think locating and answering their phone is as dangerous as talking or texting behind the wheel. However, research shows that this behavior is one of the riskiest activities for drivers.

The QUT study interviewed 484 drivers about their driving habits. Forty-five percent of drivers said they have located and answered a ringing phone. Only 28% said they have spoken on a handheld device while driving.

What’s the problem? According to researchers, drivers usually adapt their behavior when talking, texting and browsing on their phones. They will do things like reduce their speed and scan their environment more frequently. However, the suddenness of having to locate a ringing phone makes it less likely that the driver will adapt their behavior. This greatly increases the risk of a crash.

Drivers Fail to Recognize the Risk

Nearly half of drivers studied said they do not believe locating and answering a ringing phone is as dangerous as talking or texting while driving. The act of finding a ringing phone is perceived as having “mid-range” crash risk. However, in reality it is one of the most dangerous driving behaviors.

“Drivers need to recognize the risk they are incurring by trying to locate and answer their phone. If you find yourself tempted to search for your phone when you hear it ring in the car, you should consider installing a safety app to block transmissions while you are driving,” said Attorney Walter Clark, founder of Walter Clark Legal Group.

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