How Cars Got Safer

Here are two striking statistics on car safety:

  1. Overall, U.S. traffic deaths have dropped to their lowest level since 1949.
  2. The drop happened even though Americans drove 21 billion more miles in 2010 than in 1949… the contrast with 60 years prior is startling.

Why the Improvement?

Fortunately, cars are getting safer. Since the Ford Pinto about 40 years ago, the technology has been geared toward safety. The Pinto was emblematic of corporate executives putting profits ahead of people. The exploding gas tanks and the cavalier attitude about the profit calculations stunned the public.

Though manufacturers resisted and their political allies aided in avoiding and deferring safety features, it’s not a surprise that consumers prefer cars with the latest safety features.

But, had it not been for the civil justice system and litigation efforts by hard-working lawyers to bring to justice those manufacturers who were concerned only with profits and not with avoiding burn deaths, this change would not have occurred.

And why is the civil justice system so important? In the Pinto case, Ford Motor Co. could argue that it had met all government standards at the time. The government took no steps to compel Ford to make the rear gas tank safer with the inclusion of an inexpensive rubber bladder inside the gas tank, which would prevent fire on rupture.

But the lawsuits brought by burn victims which held Ford accountable, financially, compelled changes that made cars safer and those changes would not have occurred had it been left to government bureaucrats and Congress controlled by industry lobbyists.

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