GM Expands Recall After Battery Fire Risk
GM Expands Recall After Battery Fire Risk

GM has recently announced that they are expanding the recall of their Chevrolet Bolt electric vehicle. In total, the recall now covers approximately 142,000 of these vehicles. In other words, every Bolt that has been sold is now being recalled.

The recall is due to the risk of of two manufacturing defects on the car’s battery – one involving a torn anode tab and the other a folded separator. When present in the same battery cell, the risk of fire increases to the point that the vehicle manufacturer initiated the recall.

Keeping Drivers Safe Following Recalls

For drivers, this particular recall is definitely a potentially life-saving move. Although analysts have pointed out that only 7 Bolt’s have caught fire – roughly .006 percent of those currently being driven – the dangers of these fires cannot be understated. For manufacturers, the stigma attached to these fires is creating a fear that consumers will still be hesitant to convert to electric vehicles even after all of the various perks have been taking into account.

More information about this recall can be found on the official Chevrolet website. Customers who may have additional questions are encouraged to contact a dealer to learn about their options.

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