Massive Ford Recall Initiated

On Monday, Ford announced that they would be initiating a massive recall of their popular Explore SUV lineup due to an issue with loose roof rail covers. According to Ford, the recall will include Explores that have been sold in the United States, Canada and Mexico.

Exploring the Timeline of the Recall

Ford has stated that the loose rail roof covers may inadvertently detach from the roof of the vehicle due to faulty retention pins. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has stated that this particular issue on the Ford Explore lineup has been a problem for well over a year. Even more interesting, it has also been reported that some Explore owners were reporting issues with the retention pins on online forums as far back as 2017.

With this in mind, it should come as no surprise that the recall will include Explorers built between 2016 through 2019. Ford dealerships have the replacement retention pins needed to repair the issue quickly and easily.

The official recall notice from Ford can be found here. Individuals who may have additional questions about the recall are advised to contact their nearest Ford dealership as needed.

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