Moving Towards Christmas With Safety in Mind
Moving Towards Christmas With Safety in Mind

When it comes time for winter holiday trips, we often think of long lines at airports as families travel to see loved ones at Christmas and Thanksgiving. While this type of transportation is certainly popular, it is also important to realize that over 50 million individuals will take road trips of 50 miles or more between Thanksgiving and Christmas. With this extremely high volume of drivers on the road, safety becomes even more critical. Particularly in these months, when adverse weather conditions such as ice and snow make roads slick and extremely dangerous, it is essential for drivers to approach their holiday commutes with as much preparation and safety as possible.

According the CDC, specific safety guidelines can be followed by adult, teen and senior drivers in order to maximize awareness and effectiveness on the roads. When in doubt, a quick refresh of these tips could prove to be absolutely invaluable.

Road Safety Tips For Adults

Many of the tips recommended by the CDC may initially appear to be “common sense”. That being said, you’ve probably had moments where even these “simple” strategies slip your mind! For starters:

  • Always buckle your seat belt immediately. Don’t wait until you’ve been driving for several minutes before you buckle up. Foregoing this simple step could dramatically increase your likelihood of injury in the event of an accident.
  • Follow speed limits at all times. Particularly in situations where weather conditions could introduce adverse elements to roadways, such as ice and snow, traveling even a few miles per hour over the speed limit could create a significantly higher risk of traffic accidents.
  • Do not text or call anyone. “Distracted driving” is already dangerous enough without dangerous weather and a huge increase in the number of drivers. Not only will focused driving help you be a safer driver, it will also help you be more aware of potentially dangerous drivers around you.

Helping a Teen Drive Safer

The thrill of being out of school, shucking a regimented sleep schedule, spending quality time with friends and receiving gifts can put teens into a heightened state of excitement and also fatigue. Because of this, it is essential for parents to closely watch their teen drivers in order to ensure that they aren’t allow their children to drive in an impaired state. According to the CDC, parents should consider drafting a “parent-teen driving agreement” which clearly states the specific circumstances under which a teen driver may be allowed to operate a vehicle. These agreements can help enforce daily habits that help ensure a teen is not fatigued and driving as responsible as possible.

Learn more about parent-teen driving contracts here.

Keeping Seniors Safe

Older drivers may be forced to confront their own personal health issues as part of daily safe driving practices. For example, it is not uncommon for senior drivers to use glasses to help improve their awareness and focus while on the road. Because of this, it is recommended that these adults get their vision checked on a regular basis in order to ensure that their current prescription is adequate to counter any problems with their vision. In situations where senior drivers may have begun to show signs of cognitive decline, carpooling with younger drivers is essential. The combination of intense traffic and adverse driving conditions could easily pave the way for a fatal accident involving a senior if these precautions aren’t taken.

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