$10 Million To Combat Homeless Problems
$10 Million To Combat Homeless Problems

Lawmakers have finally taken action to help combat the growing problem of homelessness in California, and Palm Springs is set to receive a windfall of support. According to a recent state bull provision that will likely be signed into law by Governor Newsom, the city of Palm Springs is set to receive $10 million as part of a larger $1 billion allocation towards fighting the homelessness epidemic statewide.

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According to local Palm Springs lawmakers, the $10 million received by the city is fitting given the extent and depth of the problem in the community. As the number of homeless in Palm Springs continues to rise, the $3 million which has already been invested in recent years will be stretched beyond sustainable levels. It is precisely this reason why the new injection of funds is so welcomed.

Although the Coachella valley is home to a number of communities, this particular funding is exclusively earmarked for homelessness-related issues in Palm Springs. That being said, the close proximity of Palm Springs to neighboring cities will ensure that these funds make an impact both on the city and regional level.

Given the fact that Mayor Newsom himself has described the homelessness problem in California as “out of control”, it should come as no surprise that state lawmakers are swiftly moving into action. Hopefully, these policies will help improve the welfare of the city’s homeless community and help forge new opportunities out of dire life scenarios.

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